How to arrange transponder repair

Step 1 contact us

Contact us via email to advise us of how many and what type of transponders you intend to send. We will respond within 24 hours to answer any questions and provide information.

IMPORTANT: ALL shipments from outside Australia MUST be valued at less than a total of $100AUD, $100USD, €50, £50 to avoid new import duty
Some transport companies require special documents for certain transponder batteries, which we can supply to you.

*all shipping prices are indicative and may vary slightly due to weight and address

Step 2 repair form

Form can be filled in on screen and then printed or print and fill in by hand.
Enclose completed form with your transponders.
If you are unable to print the form please include a note with your shipment with your contact details as requested on the repair form.

Download transponder repair form

We will advise you when your transponders arrives
Most repairs are completed within a few days
You will then be requested to make payment and transponder will be promptly dispatched

In the unlikely event a transponder is not repairable there is no charge for the attempted repair
Un-repairable transponders are not returned unless you specifically ask for return

USA shipping options

Shipping to Transponder Services

USA clients can use USPS or courier of your choice or send on our DHL account.

Cost via USPS starts at $12.95USD* for single transponder in padded bag.

For a quantity of transponders the USPS Small Flate Rate Box can be good value.

USPS box

Delivery from USA to Australia via standard air mail takes 10-14 days.

DO NOT USE paper envelope as it will tear open in transit.

DHL logo
Need fast convenient freight?

We can have your transponder picked up from your door via our DHL account or you can drop off at DHL agent for around $40USD*. Just ask and we will provide a quote based on your exact address and arrange the rest for you.

Return shipping options
  • Standard Air Mail - $20USD* online tracking (up to 500grams, 17oz) 10-14 days
  • DHL express - $33USD* online tracking, signature at delivery (up to 500grams, 17oz) 4-5 days
  • Over 500grams (17oz) DHL express is the best cost option and a quote can be provided


Australia shipping options

Shipping to Transponder Services

For quick postal delivery to us we recommend Australia Post yellow express post bag which has online tracking from $11.35* for 500 grams. Standard parcel post is slow and can cost nearly as much.

Delivery to us via courier of your choice is OK.

If posting small RC remote control personal transponder such as RC4. Cheapest option is to pack in a small padded bag and keep the thickness under 2cm and stamps will only cost $2*.

Return shipping options
  • Usual return method is by Australia Post yellow express bag $11.35* 500grams
  • In some cases DHL express is a more cost effective option for heavier packages and we will use whichever provides you with the best price
  • RC transponders can be returned via standard mail $5* or express post $11.35*


Rest of world shipping options

Shipping to Transponder Services

Delivery from UK, Europe and alike to Australia via standard air mail takes 10-14 days. DO NOT USE paper envelope as it will tear open in transit.

Need fast convenient freight?
DHL logo

We can have your transponder picked up from your door via our DHL account or you can drop off at DHL agent. Just ask and we will provide a quote based on your address, plus size and weight of package.

Return shipping options
  • Standard Air Mail - €18* £14* online tracking (up to 500grams, 17oz) 10-14 days
  • DHL express - €26* £20* online tracking, signature at delivery (up to 500grams, 17oz) 4-5 days
  • Over 500grams (17oz) DHL express is usually the best cost option and a quote can be provided


Shipping to us via our DHL express account

DHL logo

Many clients find this convenient and can be competitive value compared to same speed or slower postal services.

We can arrange *collection from you, or you can drop off at a DHL office or agent at your convenience.
*Someone is required to be present for collection during business hours as collection time is out of our control.

We will need the following information

  • Full address (if from work or business address include the business name)
  • Contact phone number (cell/mobile is best)
  • Date for collection (not needed if you are dropping off)
  • Pack only the transponders in a suitable size padded bag or box (do not seal yet) and advise us of the dimensions and weight of package. For cheapest rate package must weigh less than 500 grams (17oz).
When you have provided these details we can provide a quote, book the shipment with DHL and email instructions with documents for you to print.

What happens after I have sent my transponders?

  1. You will be advised when your transponder shipment is received
  2. Within a few days you will be emailed an invoice with payment options
  3. We accept payment online via PayPal/Credit Card or bank transfer
  4. Payments over $500AUD are usually requested to be paid by bank transfer
  5. When cleared payment is received your transponder will be promptly dispatched and you will notified of dispatch details


Can we fix your transponder

Repair success rate is extremely high and in the rare case that your transponder cannot be fixed there is no cost to you for the attempted repair

TIP: rechargeable type transponder check charger first.

If possible use a DC voltage meter to read the voltage on the terminals that make contact with the transponder or try a different charger.
For TranX type transponders the charger voltage should be 11-18 volts DC.
If voltage is low or there is no voltage at all then it is possible the power pack is dead and needs replacing.
Damaged cases, charging pins & mounting brackets can be replaced/repaired.
No matter how messed up the transponder is, we will attempt to fix it.

We CANNOT repair Mylaps Flex TranX transponders or X2

Flex transponder


Mylaps Flex transponderOnly Mylaps can service Mylaps FLEX and X2 transponders
Flex look the same as Tranx but have a WHITE base instead of black base

If light flashes rapidly on or off charge, the FLEX subscription has expired
FLEX transponders have an unlimited warranty via

Care and charging of transponder after repair

A comprehensive information sheet will be sent with your transponders about how to extend the battery life, correct battery care and what the indicator light means

You will continue to use your existing charger and in most cases charging methods will remain unchanged.

If in doubt about any aspects of transponder care you are welcome to contact Transponder Services at anytime.



  • Hassle free 1 year world wide warranty
  • Quality German, Swiss and Japanese batteries
  • Free battery replacement if failure within 1 year
  • In the rare instance the transponder is not repairable or does not pass testing, you are not charged for the attempted repair
  • No fix, no pay policy



Wow, what fantastic service!  I thought it would take much longer.
And thanks for the detailed info on initial charging, I have it going on its first cycle now.
This is exactly why I go to you instead of the guys who claim they can do it themselves.
Your customer service is extraordinary, your professionalism top notch, and I will highly recommend your work to all of my fellow competitors.

Bill Anderson - Poolesville, MD USA

First, I usually don't do this, but you are the exception. I ran a successful business for 27 yrs.
My staff said that all the details we addressed were the reason for our success.
Rarely do I see anyone that does such a high quality job, top to bottom.
When I first contacted you, you encouraged me to try alternatives.
Then your web site provided an info sheet for mailing, complete with label.
Your prices are very reasonable. Your service is outstanding - I was sent a photo of the return mailing label.
The item arrived 4 days before estimate. Three flashes turned into six.
Your information sheets provided are clear and concise. Whew!

Jerry - NY USA

Thank you very much for your arrangement and support!
We hope we could keep having good relationship with you in the future.

Y.Tsuiki International Division Tamiya Inc - Japan

Thank You for the extremely professional and economical battery replacement in our TranX260 transponders.
More than half of the transponders now charge to six days usage, one day more than when they were new.
I am highly recommending your services to all of our competitors using rechargeable transponders, and you can expect to hear from us whenever we have more transponders in need of battery replacement.
It’s been a pleasure working with you.

Bill - Illinous USA (Midwestern Council of Sports Car Clubs)

Thank you for the prompt professional service, the courteous and informative communication and for restoring my transponder back to working condition.
I will pass the word about you at the track.

Jim - Los Angeles USA

Thanks for all your help. It was a very pleasurable experience.
I'll be sure to tell everyone about your services.
If you ever come to the states look me up and I'll treat you for a night out on the town here in Atlanta.
Thanks again.

Ted - USA

Many thanks for another great job, well done.

Davy - N. Ireland

Thanks Jeff, the world needs more people like you.
I will recommend you to all my friends.

Matt - Australia

Now we send all ours for repair to Jeff Chandler at Transponder services, price is very reasonable and the turnaround time is quicker too.

Ian - UK

Thanks for the quick service. Greatly appreciated.

Andy - Australia

Thanks again for the updates and all the info Jeff.
I just sent the payment, and I will be sure to let friends know about your great service.

Mark - USA

I got the transponder back and it works just fine. Thanks so much for the great work!
I'll definitely post some positive feedback for you on the WERA forum board, and on

Tom - USA

I just wanted to e-mail back to say a huge thank you, your test to see if the Transponder works next to an AM radio worked a treat (it works!). You've saved me a lot of money so if I ever hear of any of our club members with a faulty unit I will steer them to you.

David S - UK Classic Sports Car Club

Why transponders stop working

Rechargeable transponders usually stop working due to a worn out battery.

This is indicated by the transponder not running or the light not giving the usual indications.

AMB TranX3 transponders AMB Mylaps TranX2 transponders

For TranX transponders as pictured above: check that the charger is supplying 12 volts DC, if not then the power pack for the charger needs replacement.

We sell replacement Power Packs and charging kits, see Spare Parts

AMB130 TranX140 Mylaps kart transpondersChipX Prochhip transponders

Non rechargeable transponders such as TranX140, AMB130, ChipX, Prochip usually stop working due to a worn out long life battery


Difference between TranX red, yellow & orange transponders

AMB TranX2 160 transponderAMB Mylaps Go Kart transponder

YELLOW AMB TranX2 160 transponder and Mylaps Kart transponder are designed for use in Go Kart racing.
The top working speed is 160 KPH.

AMB TranX2 260 transponderMylaps Car Bike transponder

RED AMB TranX2 260 transponder and Mylaps Car/Bike transponder are for fast motor sports such as Touring Cars, Speedway, Motorcycles, Sprint cars etc.
If you intend to race in fast motor sports that use the red transponder and you also race Go Kart you can use the red transponder for both sports. Red or yellow transponders DO NOT work on Motocross systems that use the Orange MX transponder

Mylaps MX transponder

ORANGE Mylaps MX transponder are for Motocross racing and CANNOT be used on timing systems that use the yellow or red transponders shown above.

Do not look in here

Told you not to look in here