AMB & Mylaps racing transponder repairs and sales

The most experienced AMB and Mylaps transponder repairer in the world

  • Freshest quality batteries
  • One year world wide warranty
  • Exceptional service standards
  • Comprehensive transponder testing
  • 14 years proven track record. Est 1999
  • No money up front, pay after transponder has been repaired and tested

You can be assured of exceptional service with the most reliable repair of your racing transponder.
Our methods have stood the test of time with all transponders re-sealed to exceed AMB/Mylaps specifications to retain maximum reliability and robustness.
Only the freshest high quality batteries are used to replace the dead battery so you can be confident the transponder battery will provide the longest most reliable service possible.
Repairs are comprehensively tested for transponder signal strength, battery run time, decoder hit rate.
We have $12,000AUD of transponder testing gear so you know we are serious about quality control. Transponder cases can be repaired or replaced if required.
Check the transponder repair page for details about each type of racing transponder we repair.

Transponder sales and spares

We stock a selected range of AMB and Mylaps racing transponders, spares and detection loop parts for immediate dispatch.
Currently in stock we have RC4 transponders for RC model car racing.
We also stock AMB Mylaps go kart, car, bike and MX transponder charging kits and transponder mounting brackets.

No risk repairs

All repairs and transponder battery replacements are backed by a solid one year world wide warranty.

In the rare case that your transponder is found to have a problem that cannot be repaired by us you will not be charged for the attempted repair. No matter how messed up your transponder is, it is worth sending it for repair. If we cannot fix it no one can.

by Jeff Chandler

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AMB mylaps MX transponderAMB Mylaps Pro transponderAMB Mylaps 260 transponderAMB Mylaps 160 transponderAMB TranX2 pro transponderAMB TranX2 260 transponderAMB TranX2 160 transponder AMB TranX 140 transponder AMB TranX 130 transponder AMBrc rechargeable transponder AMB20 transponderAMB Mylaps transponder direct powered TranX 260 AMB400 transponder AMB Cyclip transponder AMB Mylaps Prochip chipx transponder AMB Activ transponder AMBrc DP personal transponder