Replacement plug pack to suit AMB Mylaps single racing transponder charger

AMB Mylaps transponder charger power pack

Suits all single chargers for AMB and Mylaps TranX2/3/MX racing transponders

Delivery within AUSTRALIA only - express or standard postage

6 in stock - $40AUD
+ postage
Dispatch next business day
Suits AUSTRALIAN power socket
Special REGULATED type plug pack which is best for charging transponders

Suits all AMB Mylaps racing transponders pictured below

AMB mylaps MX transponderAMB Mylaps Pro transponderAMB Mylaps 260 transponderAMB Mylaps 160 transponder AMB TranX2 transponders


AMB Mylaps Classic TRANX3/MX transponder charging cradle

Mylaps stopped making these many years ago.
However I can offer a solution for AUSTRALIAN customers only.
You order a TR2 Charge Cradle and have it sent directly to me for modification.
Ensure you contact me and advise me you are doing this.

NOTE this cradle WILL NOT work with a Classic transponder until it is modified.
ORDER IT HERE from Mylaps Australia Speedhive shop

TR2 Charge CradleAMB Mylaps 160 transponder
The modification costs $60AUD which includes supply of 12VDC plug pack and postage.
The TR2 transponder and charge cradle uses 5 volt DC USB cable to charge which is NOT suitable for Classic TranX3 which requires 12VDC.

AMB Mylaps Classic TranX2/3 transponder charging cradle

Charging cradleAMB go kart transponder TranX2 160AMB Mylaps 160 transponder

I do not sell these but you may find them on eBay (3D printed).
To suit all TranX2 & TranX3 classic transponders with a suitable 12VDC plug pack

Try these guys as they sometimes have stock in Australia Karting Solutions

AMB Mylaps transponder charger

We DO NOT stock or sell charging cradles or charging kits for any type of transponder because they are no longer available. See suggested emergency workaround at bottom of page.

TranX2 charging kit

AMB Mylaps TranX2 charging kit

TranX3 charging kit

AMB Mylaps TranX3 transponder charging kit

How to charge a TranX2/3 AMB Mylaps transponder without a charging cradle


Transponder Services take no responsiblity for this method.

Charging power can be connected directly to the transponder.
Obtain a power pack adaptor that has an output of 12 volts DC REGULATED.

A normal power pack adaptor will not do the job correctly, so you must use a REGULATED type. REGULATED is usually stated on the power pack box or label. Amperage does not matter as all power packs available are rated with more than enough amps to do the job.

Identify which wires of the power pack output are positive and negative and fit a red alligator clip to positive wire and black alligator clip to negative wire.

Polarity is important: connect the RED clip to the charging lug closest to the bottom of the transponder, then the black clip to the other lug, then switch the power on.

When charging is complete FIRST TURN OFF the power and unplug the power pack, then remove clips from transponder.

This method works with all models that look like this...

AMB mylaps MX transponderAMB Mylaps Pro transponderAMB Mylaps 260 transponderAMB Mylaps 160 transponder AMB TranX2 transponders

Racing transponder detection loop wire (passive)

Suitable for AMB8800, AMB20, AMB400, AMBrc, AMBrc3, AMB TranX Pro, AMB TranX260, AMB Tranx160, AMBmx transponder systems and MYLAPS race timing systems using PASSIVE LOOP ONLY.

Not suitable for TranX 130/140, ChipX transponders and other TX that require ACTIVE type loops.

Transponder Loop Wire

5m Loop Wire - $39AUD
Suit raceway up to 5 metres wide

10m Loop Wire - $59AUD
Suit track width up to 10 metres wide

20m Loop Wire - $69AUD
Suit track width up to 20 metres wide

Delivery within Australia by Parcel post $10
Please 2 days for dispatch

Length (track width)

Need a custom length loop wire?

Advise us of the length required and we will be happy to provide you with a quote.